I was sitting down with a few of my friends at dinner today and the topic came up about what it means being in a relationship. A lot of people would tell me that relationships at my age and point as a college student are just garbage and I should ride solo. And believe me, I am all for that. But at some point you have to realize when you meet someone really good, you can’t just let that slide away. When I meet someone who is really worth my time I have to give them all my respect, love, and support because thats just how I am as a person. So I’m not dumping on people who love the single life because we have all been there. Life moves in circles and all of that came back around and hit me too, but when I am happy with someone, I don’t see how people can just throw that away for the next best thing. Cause honestly, if you just want the next best thing, you’re never going to find it. You will always be unsatisfied with what you have and for me…I feel pretty grateful right now

Thanks for listening



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