Late Night

So its late at night (or early in the morning, however you wanna look at it), and I realize I do my best thinking at this hour.

So I realized something tonight during my time of thinking. Hold on to what’s important to you….

Now this may sound really corny and stupid but i feel like most of us take for granted the people around us that care about us and love us so much. I find myself a lot of times writing love songs and I wonder if that’s a bad thing. Honestly, i feel like there is nothing wrong with that. I know I may be the guy who writes about love but I feel like I have just been blessed in that way. I have seen the other side of the of the coin too and I have been broken hearted but I feel like everyone in this world does what they do because they love someone else. You could say that’s just ridiculous and not true but I think deep down, if you really look at yourself, there is someone you love driving you to achieve your highest potential and you are out trying to do your best for that person too.

I hope that everyone reading this finds love in their lives and realizes the importance of it. Never take a great thing for granted

Thats my words of wisdom, I don’t know if my punctuation or spelling is off but honestly…I really just don’t care

Thanks for listening



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