I realized that I am soon to be moving away from the place I grew up. Now as a college student, I would think that I would not find this an issue as I have already left town for school. However, I have never dealt with something so surprisingly sad. I think its so hard to say goodbye to anything you love: person, place or thing. I have a lot of good (and even some bad) memories of my hometown, but the fact is I love all of them because that’s what shaped me as an individual. Many of you that read this probably won’t care at all about my change in living status, but I would hope that you take away from this that you should not take for granted all that life has given you and what you have. The future is always bright but sometimes, it’s ok to be a little nostalgic and it’s alright to look back. Especially when you look back at something as wonderful as your old memories of times shared with people you love in a place you call home.

Here’s to you NH…we’ve had a good one…hope to see you soon

Thanks for listening



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