Tour Recap Blog Post #2: Radio Bean, Burlington, VT 5/16/2012

Today was all about Burlington VT. After an awesome Philly show I was so ready to get going to Burlington that I didn’t realize there were impending hail and thunderstorms. Lets just say that this show was probably the hardest show I have ever had to travel to and that flooding was a common theme on the back roads of Vermont.

By the time I did get to Burlington, the weather had cleared up and I began to meander the city streets. I had a delicious dinner at the Vermont Pub and Brewery and took in all the lovely brick buildings everywhere. Everyone was also so friendly and nice that I really can’t say enough about how much I loved the people. I met a fellow guitar player on the street too, who said he was from Portland, Oregon. We struck up a conversation and he ended up coming to my show. Burlington folks….you guys rock. 

The set list was longer today than in Philly and I played a little cover by Griffin House called “The Guy That Says Goodbye to You is Out of His Mind”. I also ended up playing not only for the room of people at the Radio Bean, but also playing for numerous people outside the shop. I loved the foot traffic from outside, especially since the room itself was rather small. Still, it was a cozy and fun place where I felt very close to every single one of the people at the venue. Burlington, you shall be missed. Below are the pics we took, I hope you can find some you like!

Thanks for listening




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