Tour Recap Blog Post #4: Blast Art Gallery, Teaneck, NJ 5/19/2012

After my show in NYC, I came back to Fairfield, CT to spend the night and rest up for my last show in Teaneck, NJ. I woke up around 7AM to get to Teaneck to do a radio show on WFDU. Though there was some confusion about where to go and which studio to be at, WFDU was really great and helped promote the show that evening at Blast Art Gallery. I also hit the park and went wild on the swings. I got some pretty sweet height if I do say so myself….

After the radio show I went back to Fairfield and played a little Kan Jam and had some food at a place called “Duchess” (for those who are not from Connecticut, it is like a fancier McDonalds that serves fast food but also some actual meals as well). At around 6:30PM i headed back to Teaneck and ventured across the George Washington Bridge. By the time I got to Teaneck, the town was buzzing with a bunch of shoppers out for Saturday night. I went on at Blast Art Gallery around 8:15PM and I have to say, this was definitely a very quirky, but very intimate place to play a show. The staff and I talked back and forth in between covers of “#41” and originals of mine like “Colonie”. The people of Teaneck were also so gracious and I played this song I wrote about the Jersey shore called “Stone Harbor, NJ”. I actually met someone who visits there all the time so it made that song stand out a lot more too. Teaneck, you really surprised me with how homey and lovely the town was. I am so happy I had the chance to end my tour in a place so welcoming to a small singer-songwriter like myself.

Thanks you guys for everything and i hope all you readers have enjoyed all my tour recap posts. Here are the final sets of pictures from Teaneck, NJImageImageImageImageImageImage


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