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Brett Dennen and Loverboy

Brett Dennen’s new record “Loverboy” is one of the greatest records I have heard in a very very long time and I suggest you all check it out. The first single is “Sydney (I’ll Come Running)”. Check it out on the link below and comment me your thoughts.

Thanks for listening



John Mayer’s: “Tell Me What To Say”

“I know its early

and you harldy even know me but,
i want your love so bad, so bad
im bound to fuck it up
could you tell me what to say?

you must have heard that line about your eyes a million times
and now your holding out to hear about your chin
i bet that that could get me in, let me in
could you tell me what to say?
tell me what to say…

when you were young and playing princess in your mother’s dress
into the mirror dreaming what your prince would say
i know you still remember to this day
could you tell me what to say?

and sure its not fair
i might lose all self respect
those who say i should be myself
they have obviously never met you yet

i can tell by the way your eyes roll
the way you stab the ice in your glass
that its over
i can see you signaling to a friend
whispering make this end

you should have told me what to say
tell me what to say
tell me what to say”

All words credited to John Mayer

I wish that people in my life would just tell me what to say sometimes

Thanks for listening


#40/Fool To Think

Both songs by DMB have just been on replay these past few days. I would like to think that I’m no “bro” if you will, but sometimes i think Dave Matthews just gets it. As a songwriter I just have to stop and really love these songs just like a Mayer song or even a song by Bob Dylan or the Beatles.

If you havent heard  #40 and Fool to Think…please listen. Your ears will love it

“Was I fool to think, the way you looked at me? I swear you did, but you looked away too quick”

Thanks for listening


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