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Song Writing/Back At School

I’m back at Syracuse University and this time around I was afraid I had lost my writing touch. However after simple hour long phone call I just picked up my guitar and found a new song waiting there. I guess that’s the interesting part of songwriting. It may seem like all is lost until you get a 10:00PM phone call that helps you realize what you’re doing with your life, what really matters, and who you love and why.

Love is a funny thing and doubt may hit you but never forget who is there and who has your back

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Movie Credits (new song) Video!!

Video Link Below

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So I had this realization that as a songwriter I am growing and as a human being I am growing even more. I want to say now that all of the stuff you listen to by me…I am so glad you love what I have produced and I hope that I can do this for a living.

I also hope you stay around for the new songs…I’m trying to make something that everyone can throw on and really get into it. I hope you as an audience can grow alongside the songs

Heres to being “Listenable”

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